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4 Creative Tips to Prevent Fishing Rod Guides from Freezing

  The cold weather will keep many anglers staying at home and the hunting season lead many anglers to switch lakes for the woods. But fish still have to prey even in winter, and that means there wi...


Spinning Reel 101 - 5 Tips Help You To Choose A Correct Spinning Reel

  Today’s fishing reels are high-tech tools that have moved the industry forward at a rapid pace in the past few years. For the entire fishing industry, it is an unprecedented good thing. At the sa...


Spinning Reel 101 - Guide To Understanding What The Numbers Mean On A Spinning Reel

  When you are looking through the spinning reels on market, you will find much information listed on the reel manual. Below is a simple guide to understanding what the numbers mean on spinning fis...


Spinning Reel 101 - What Are The Visible Parts Of A Spinning Reel

  Spinning reels are an easy-to-use, and open-face reel with a visible spool that attaches to the underside of a spinning rod. Compared with the casting reels, spinning reels are more suitable to b...


Latest Release From RUNCL! The Best Drop Shot Baits

Drop shot rig is a popular fishing technique widely used by not only freshwater bass fishermen, but also saltwater anglers. A drop shot rig is that your fishing line running down with the drop shot...


RUNCL Fishing Gloves Will Protect Your Hands From Summer To Winter

Hands play an important role in fishing. In other words, your success in fishing entirely depends on your ability to work with your hands. Therefore, it is essential to add a protection to your han...


Fall Fishing Tips You Should Know For Bass & Walleye & Trout

The weather is changing, and it’s getting a little cooler out there. You might be thinking it’s time to pack up your gear and start thinking about next season. The months from September to late Nov...

kayak fishing

Top 10 Accessories You Need To Consider For Kayak Fishing

The wide variety of gear choices of kayak fishing can seem a bit daunting, but once you hop in, you’ll see it is truly one of the most accessible activities out there. Here are 10 essential kayak f...


RUNCL Titan II Spinning Reel Preview - New for 2020

Meet Titan II spinning reel. It succeeds the Titan I, but more than just Titan I. With the successful experience accumulated from the first generation of Titan spinning reel, RUNCL upgraded the fis...


How to Prevent Backlash on a Baitcaster?

What is backlash & why do baitcasters suffer from it? Backlash happens when the lure slows down after casting, but the spool does not—resulting in a tangled mess of line, also known as a “bird...



July 20, 2019  by Jody White   Taking the win in wire-to-wire fashion, FLW Tour pro Bryan Thrift tallied 18 pounds, 4 ounces on the final day for an even 57-pound total in the Costa...



CHAMPLAIN MIDDAY UPDATE – DAY 1 July 18, 2019  by Jody White   Takeoff was a little blustery, but overall, it’s been a perfect start to the Costa FLW Series event on Lake Champlain. ...

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