RUNCL Merced Braided Fishing Line (300Yds)

  • Proprietary Weaving Tech: Engineered with a proprietary treatment process, the RUNCL MERCED Braided Line produces a rounder and more consistent structure (a higher weave per inch count) that compacts very well and stacks evenly onto the spool for increased operation, helps reduce backlashes, wind knots, and rod tip wrapping.
  • Exclusive Thin-Coating Tech: Constructed with exclusive thin-coating technology for improved colorfastness, makes it UV-resistant and allows it to hold its color longer than other braided lines, while not killing the action of delicate presentations.
  • Exceptional Strength & Toughness: Fitted with imported raw materials and proprietary treatment process, delivers outstanding knot strength and increased abrasion resistance that stands up to big bass and inshore species alike, ideal for fishing in thick vegetation and rugged structure.
  • Enhanced Smooth Finish: Features incredible smoothness with no memory, allows it to effortlessly flow through the guides with minimum line vibration for increased casting distance and accuracy, delivers outstanding casting performance.
  • Zero Stretch & High Sensitivity: Boasts zero-stretch performance, eliminates kinking and spool memory while offering premium bite-detecting sensitivity, offers an instant feel for structure and strikes, helps catch every fish that nibbles on your line.


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