About us

Runcl — Explore the Unknown, Challenge Yourself

Founded in 2016, Runcl is a leading global provider of outdoor and sports equipment, dedicated to offering the highest quality gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Our product range spans fishing gear, camping, cycling, skiing, and more, aimed at meeting the needs of various outdoor activities.

From the outset, Runcl has been driven by the mission to "provide the highest quality gear with the most attentive service to outdoor sports lovers worldwide." Our vision is to "explore the unknown, challenge oneself, and make fishing simpler," by delivering superior outdoor equipment that ensures a carefree outdoor experience for every enthusiast.

Runcl’s growth has been marked by significant milestones: established in the USA in 2016, it quickly expanded into international markets. In 2017, we entered the Japanese market and expanded further into the European market; by 2020, we had reached the Middle Eastern market, achieving a global presence.

Looking to the future, Runcl will further expand its scope in 2024 by taking on the new role of an "outdoor lifestyle service provider," offering an extended range of top-quality products and services across the entire spectrum of outdoor living. We look forward to exploring new possibilities, pushing boundaries, and enjoying the freedom and joy of the outdoors with outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

At Runcl, we believe that every outdoor activity is a purification of the soul, and every innovation we make is aimed at deepening this profound experience. Join us in the great outdoors for limitless exploration!