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    [Story] How the Catfish Noodling Craze Washed Over America

    With catfishing noodling gaining in popularity, hand-fishing will become legal in West Virginia Just 20 years ago, almost no one had heard about noodling for catfish. Now everyone has, and the sport is being legalized where once it was banned. (Photo courtesy of Keith "Catfish" Sutton) It’s official. In 2019, hand-fishing for catfish – noodling – will be legal in West Virginia....

    [Story] 7 Great Destinations for a Labor Day Fishing Trip

    Put your day off to good use and go on that relaxing fishing trip you know you deserve Labor Day is a great time for a fishing getaway on waters like Grenada Lake in Mississippi where these slab crappie were caught. (Photo courtesy of Grenada Lake Crappie Fishing Guides) Labor Day rolls around on September 3 this year. This annual...

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