Should you wear fishing gloves?

Should you wear fishing gloves?

When anglers choose fishing equipment before go out fishing, they may choose fishing rod, fishing reels, baits, fishing line, tackle box, and so on. However, the fishing gloves are always forgotten.

5 reasons you should wear fishing gloves


Lure bait is easy to cause certain damage to people, and it is more troublesome to be hung by it, and the hand is one of the places where lures are often hung. Of course, many of Lure's target fish either have teeth or sharp fins, which can also prevent being stabbed by fish.


Most of the fish's body surfaces are very slippery. The anti-slip properties of fishing gloves can make it difficult for us to catch the fish and prevent the fish that we have finally caught. In addition, a pair of non-slip fishing gloves can make us more stable in fishing activities such as holding rods and reels.

Keep warm

In winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, but it still can't stop the enthusiasm of fishing enthusiasts. But fishing is a work of patience. In the cold winter, fishing requires not only certain skills, but also a set of warm fishing gloves, especially when the fish are frozen and do not want to move.

Sun protection

In summer, a pair of fingerless fishing gloves features UPF 50+, delivers maximum sun protection to safeguard your skin from harsh sun rays and inclement weather. Equipped with an extended cuff, offers extra coverage for the wrists, allows for meeting your long sleeves for full coverage.


A pair of waterproof fishing gloves can try to keep our hands from getting wet with water, because once the hands are wet with water, in addition to not feeling very good, the hands are also more slippery, and there will be some inconveniences during fishing activities. necessary trouble. In addition, it's fine in summer, but when fishing at sea in winter, once your hands are wet, it will be very cold.

How To Choose the Right One

There are many types of fishing gloves out in the market, with different materials and functions. There are several tips to choose the right one for any angler.


The materials will determinate the fishing gloves function, we need to choose the anti-stab material and the design need to anti-slip. If you are choosing summer fishing gloves, you also need to take breathable and sun protection into consideration. If you are choosing winter fishing gloves, then it should keep warm and water-resistant.


One of the most important criteria for any angler choosing fishing gloves would be their type.There are fingerless, open-faced, the full-fingered gloves and 3 Cut Fingers Cycling Gloves. You could choose the one according to your hand shape, the main point is comfortable.

3 Different Gloves For Every Angler

RUNCL Fingerless RAGUEL Fishing Gloves

fingerless fishing gloves

  • Maximum Sun Protection: Features UPF 50+, delivers maximum sun protection to safeguard your skin from harsh sunrays and inclement weather.
  • Microfiber-Tech Safeguard: Constructed with microfiber on the whole palm and all fingers for enhanced dexterity, and double-layer microfiber on palm and thumb when needed for added durability, protects your hands from cuts, abrasions, and hand fatigue, especially ideal for kayak fishing
  • Half-Finger Style: The fingerless fishing gloves leave the tips of your fingers free, provide you with sensitive touch and rigging dexterity when you're tying knots, rigging bait, handling fish and other fishing tasks
  • Superior Breathable Ventilation: Fitted with breathable quick-drying poly-spandex fabric and vented palm (24 breathable holes on palm), significantly transfer moisture away from your skin to keep you on-the-water dry and fresh all day long
  • Angling-Friendly Design: Silicone-enhanced fingers ensure a sure grip even in damp conditions, hook 'n' loop wrist closure provides a secure fit, pull loops on middle finger and index finger make pulling them on and taking them off a breeze

 RUNCL RAGUEL Cold Weather Fishing Gloves

cold weather fishing gloves

  • Touchscreen Fishing Gloves】:A special material (copper fiber) is attached to the fingertip of the index finger, allow to work with all touchscreen type devices. Quick release loops are also set on the index and middle fingers, make it easy to pull on or off your gloves without turning them inside out
  • 3 Cut Fingers Design】:These winter fishing golves with 6 pairs hook 'n' loop on the thumb, index finger and middle finger, easily converts from full-finger gloves to 3-cut finger gloves, provide you with facilitate delicate operations such as tying knots, rigging baits, handling fish and other fishing tasks
  • Warm Plush Lining】:RUNCL's warm winter fishing gloves are designed with plush lining inside to provide long-lasting warmth and protect your hands in cold outdoor activities. Plus the adjustable hook 'n' loop wrist strap, not only takes a good shape, but also make it suitable for any size wrist and keep cold wind out
  • Water-repellent & Windproof Neoprene Fishing Glove】:The neoprene softshell with excellent scratch-proof and windproof performance. Also with Waterproof performance to repel water and snow, keep hands dry in light rain and dew. Tip: mainly designed for accidental water splashed, not for dipping into water or heavy rain
  • Microfiber Palm & Stretch Figner Seam】:These fishing gloves constructed with microfiber on palm and thumb for enhanced dexterity, protect your hands from cuts, abrasions and hand fatigue. The black finger seam with stretch to leave much more space for size, never worry about fat hands. Anti-lost hook make it easy to store

 RUNCL Jayclaw Ice Fishing Gloves

ice fishing gloves

  • Warm Fleece Lining】 RUNCL winter fishing gloves use a 4-layer fabric structure, with 40 grams of 3M Thinsultate thermal insulation gloves, it is about 1.5 warmer than down Times; fishing gloves men are lined with Arctic wool, which keeps warm and absorbs moisture, ice fishing gloves provides lasting warmth and protects your hands in extreme cold and humid outdoor activities.
  • Windproof and splash-proof】 Runcl windproof gloves have a water-repellent coating on the surface, and water droplets will slip off instantly; neoprene gloves with an adjustable hook'n' loop wrist strap, the single-hand rope can be fastened Tight cuffs to block wind and snow, fishing gloves for women not only easy to operate, but also suitable for wrists of any size to prevent cold wind from entering.
  • Slip Palm】Runcl winter gloves for fishing use palm non-slip material and texture design, some synthetic leather and high-quality non-slip silicone enhance grip and prevent daily wear; fishing gloves winter the extra microfiber material on the palm helps to extend the life of the glove, while printing The polymer pattern can provide extra grip in any weather conditions, fishing gloves for men can better hold the fishing rod, camera or mobile phone.
  • Easy to Use】Runcl fishing gloves adopts a dual-purpose design of half thumb slot and flip finger cot. The neoprene fishing gloves has a built-in magnet. Open the flip cover and can be attached to the back of the hand, fishing gloves becomes a fingerless glove in seconds, allowing you to easily fish while keeping warm. Photography, text messaging, running, walking the dog without affecting performance, protection and flexibility; allowing you to do anything without taking off your gloves.
  • About Size】 Runcl splash-proof winter fishing gloves are marked as men's size, women should choose gloves one size smaller than the usual size. If you usually wear an L size for women's clothing, you should choose an M size when buying. Before choosing a size, please use the size chart in the product picture to measure around your palm. If your size is between the two, please choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit.