Latest Release From RUNCL! The Best Drop Shot Baits

Drop shot rig is a popular fishing technique widely used by not only freshwater bass fishermen, but also saltwater anglers. A drop shot rig is that your fishing line running down with the drop shot hook tied like you normally would, but then you’ll run a leader from that with a small weight on the end, that allows the fishing bait to be suspended in the water column right where fish can easily see it. This finesse technique is highly successful in the pressured lakes.

How to fish a drop shot rig?

Dragging: Cast your fishing line into water and let the weight sink to the bottom. Once it hits bottom, simply retrieve it fast enough to drag the weight across the base of the water. By utilizing this method, you can cover more water and still get the chance to attract a monster bass.

Deadsticking: Wait a few seconds and you will feel a slight pull on your line when the weight hits the lake bottom. Then to slowly lift it off the bottom and let it fall back down again. Repeat this process and retrieve your reel at the same time. This is an excellent way to use when you know where the bass are.

Drop shot baits that RUNCL offers for fishermen:

Although many fishermen will tell you that any soft plastic bait can be fished on a drop-shot, but some are better than others.

  • LOUVERED TEXTURE: The bait adopts a new louvered texture to break the mold of traditional body, which captures air to create an enticing bubble trail and subtle vibration with retrieve.
  • 3 DIFFERENT (WILLOW/SQUIRREL/STRAIGHT) TAILS: Features a tapering body shape with 3 different (Willow/Squirrel/Straight) tails, the RUNCL minnows deliver an energized glide that comes to life with the slightest lift of the rod tip.
  • FENNEL OIL: Infused with the perfect amount of fennel scent, and as such makes the fishing baits a great deal of sense if you are fishing pressured venues.
  • MULTIPLE CHOICES: Available in several tested and proven colors to match the hatch, the fishing baits will help you to catch everything from bass, panfish, walleye, and everything in between.

Underwater Action:

underwater action 1

(Willow Tail)

 underwater action 2

(Squirrel Tail)

underwater action 3

(Straight Tail)

For more details, please click HERE. We are also offering these baits on our Amazon store.

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