How to choose the braided fishing line in bass fishing?

How to choose the braided fishing line in bass fishing?

When bass fishing, compared with mono line and fluorocarbon line, the braided fishing line has certain limitations, but it also has incomparable advantages in some special situations and fishing methods.

braided fishing line

Compared with other type of lines


  • It has the highest linear strength under the same specification, and it can make the line diameter smaller
  • The strength is higher ( Under standard conditions, the strength is 3-4 times that of other lines)
  • Very soft, and basically has no memory
  • The specific gravity of the line is also the lightest among the three common lines. And The ductility is also the smallest among the three lines, so the sensitivity will be better than other lines.
  • The line diameter is thin, the lines are smooth and can be more suitable for cast
  • It will not age after UV irradiation and water absorption.

But the disadvantage is

  • The price is relatively expensive, especially the better ones;
  • When stretched, it will generally not affect the relatively soft obstacles (trees, water plants, etc.), but the hard obstacles (Stone edges, underwater artificial cement buildings, metal objects) have weak anti-wear properties and are easily ground or cut by obstacles.

Choosing braided fishing line in bass fishing

braided fishing line

Generally, there are spinning rod and casting rod in bass fishing. In terms of spinning rod, they are generally used some lightweight hard baits, small and medium-sized fishing rigs, etc. It is easy to match the 0.4#~0.8#, which can ensure sufficient strength while having better casting distance and operability.

In terms of casting rod, for example, some top water lures are used in obstacle areas and grass areas. It can be used with 3.0#~5.0#. 

The color of braided fishing line in bass fishing


braided fishing line


 When fishing, it may have an impact on fishing due to its obvious visibility. At this time, the color of the line needs to be as close to or integrated into the environment as possible, such as some camouflage colors, hi-vis green or dark green. And so on the colors similar to the surrounding environment. In the actual fishing process, the color of the fishing line has no absolute conclusion on the effect of fishing, but it can also be seek some inner comfort by changing the color of the fishing line, but generally the disadvantage of this type of line is that after using it for a period of time, you will find that your fingers will be dyed the color of the surface of the line by the color of the line. This is a common problem for all braided fishing lines, it's just a question of how much color fades. If you don't want it to contaminate your fingers, you can try to use white, and the recognition is relatively high, but after a period of time, white will be washed by water again. Or the dirt in the water is stained with other colors, especially if the water you are fishing is not clean or there are many floating algae... 

Do I need to add a leading line in bass fishing?

According to our anglers’ experience, the braided fishing line is used on the spinning reel can be added according to the situation, because the line used in the spinning reel is basically a relatively small number, and the line is very light and thin. Fishing rigs may have low settlement efficiency. In this case, you can add a leader appropriately according to the situation, and the length is not too much to be determined according to your own situation. The material of the leader line is fluorocarbon line. 

As for the baitcasting reel, with the upgrade of the material of the PE line and the use of fishing methods in recent years, the number of pounds of PE generally used is higher. According to experience, the overall strength is enough to handle fishing even without the leader, so it can be directly connected, which also reduces some troubles that will occur with the leader. 

Notes on using braided fishing line

 Although braided fishing line is good, it needs to be paid attention to when using it. If the line is wound during casting or reeling, especially on the guide ring, it is very likely to damage the guide ring or the rod body, so be sure to pay attention to this detail.

For the newly purchased line, when spool the line to the reel, there must have a certain tension on the line, so that the line is evenly and powerfully arranged and tighten, because the upper line will be casting when fishing. When reeling, if the lower line is too loose, it may cross with the upper line, which is very likely when the casting is stressed. It will cross each other, causing the situation of frying the powder or shooting the rod, and after the fish is stressed, pay attention to prevent the lines from being embedded in each other, and it is not recommended to use small and thin lines, because too thin lines may be more likely to embed each other after being stressed, causing the line to become stuck.