How to Choose the Right Braided Fishing Line?

How to Choose the Right Braided Fishing Line?


braided fishing line

Braided fishing line is also called PE line. As the name suggests, it is made from multiple single strands of line, which makes it very strong. At the same time, this process also makes the braided line lose its extensibility. The lack of extensibility is a major feature of the braided line. This feature has advantages and disadvantages, which will be analyzed in detail below.

The principle of braided fishing line

It has long been known that weaving several threads into a rope can be stronger than the loose threads. This is because when stress is applied to the line from both ends, the line cuts into each other, enhancing the overall tension value. However, the side effect of this is to reduce the elasticity of the rope, especially when used as a fishing line, the elongation is basically zero.


  1. The lack of extensibility is of great significance. First of all, the sensitivity of the fishing line is greatly improved, and even the slightest touch underwater can be felt. Secondly, because there is no delay in the transmission of the force, the bait can be controlled better - the bait moves immediately with the slightest lift of the fishing rod.
  2. It is floating, and it has a little natural buoyancy. This feature makes it ideal for use with upper baits such as propper baits, topwater lures, floating pencils, etc. It keeps the entire rig as high as possible on the water.
  3. Another advantage is that it can be casting farther. Because under the same tension value, it is thinner, lighter and softer. When casting, it has less resistance in both the reel and the air. So if you want a long shot, it's the best choice.
  4. The diameter can be very thin, while still retaining a strong tension value, which makes the diameter more uniform, and the difference in diameter is smaller than other types of fishing lines. For example, a 10 lb braided line has a significantly smaller diameter difference than a 10 lb mono line. Uniform line diameter means longer throw distance and greater pull strength.
  5. It has almost no memory effect. Even it is on the fishing reel for a long time, It will not be in a mess like the mono line.


braided fishing line



It has a lot of disadvantage, and most of them have to do with its advantage.

  1. The lack of extensibility is both an advantage and a disadvantage. While it increases sensitivity, it also puts a lot of stress on the line and lure connection. The line keeps going, but maybe the pin is broken, which can also lead to running fish.
  2. The enormous tension makes it especially prone to being ground off by rocks or any hard edge in the water when fishing. Compared to other fishing lines, it breaks easily with just a little fray.
  3. The cost is higher. Generally, it is much more expensive than other types of fishing line. Because it production requires more processes.
  4. Due to the high tension value, it sometimes puts too much pressure on the fishing reel and rod, which will cause the equipment to wear out prematurely.

Ideal use situation

It is suitable for use in turbid waters, so that it is less likely for fish to see it. There is a high probability of fish in the obstacle area. In the waters covered by a large number of aquatic plants and vegetation, the extremely high strength of the braided fishing line allows fishermen to pull the line with confidence without worrying about breaking the line. The thinner wire diameter of the braided wire also greatly reduces the chance of getting stuck.

Not suitable use situation

Do not use it in clear water, if you use it, remember to use it with the leader line. Many of the braided fishing lines are colored, and fish can clearly see the lines in clear water, reducing the number of fish mouths. Try not to use it in places with sharp structures, or use them with leader line. Because in the fight with the fish, it hits the sharp edge and may break, causing the fish to run away.