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RUNCL Jigging Lures Hard Lures (Pack of 5)

RUNCL Jigging Lures Hard Lures (Pack of 5)

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About this item

  • Lifelike Design: Features a natural fish profile with 3D lifelike eyes and molded gills for fish-tempting visual enticement. Delivers a fluttering, fish-attracting descent varying in speed depending on weight
  • Streamlined Profile: Constructed with a streamlined profile and ultra-thin body, which is specially designed by RUNCL, allows for long-distance casts even in windy conditions
  • UV Coating: 1 of the 5 jigging lures are fitted with Ultra-violet (UV) coating, allow it to glow underwater, make maximum use of available light to help fish locate baits, which is proven to pull fish in from a distance
  • Gold Finish: All jigging lures features a sleek profile with a gold finish, deliver fish-attracting flash, ideal for casting and jigging presentations in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Sharp Hooks: Equipped with a front single hook with a hand-tied bucktail trailer that produces fish-tempting undulations. And the rear treble hooks (6#) with ultra-sharp conical points that bite deep and hold hard, allow for quicker penetration and rock-solid hooksets on any predator that bites
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