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RUNCL Electric Device Automatic Fishing Hook Tier

RUNCL Electric Device Automatic Fishing Hook Tier

Light brown
Size :
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About the item:

  • Easy to use, avoid fishing line damaged by the hook.
  • Increase tension strength between hook and line.
  • Suitable fishing line: 0.1#, 0.2#, 0.4#, 0.5#, 0.8#, 1.0#, 1.2#, 1.5#, 2.0#, 2.5#, 3.0#, 3.5#, 4.0#
  • Suitable hook type: Iseini 1-13, Haixi 1-10, Stream 1-10, Izu 1-15, Kanto 1-8, Qiu Tianhu 0.5-10, Qianya 0.1-9, New Kanto 0.1-3 , Arctic Fox 3-9, Koiso 1-13, sleeve 0.8-10, universal sleeve 1-9, Maru 1-16, Hella 1-8
  • The coils are evenly rotated at a uniform speed, and the hooks are tightly bound and the wires are not scattered.
  • Increase the torque motor, the amplitude is uniform, the crest is low, and the sound is softer.
  • Upgraded hook clamp, the clamp hook is tighter, and it is applicable to a wide range of binding hooks, as small as 0.8# sleeves.
  • The thread clamping board is finely polished and rounded so that the thread clamping will not damage the thread.

How to use it?

1. Put in 2 batteries

2. Push the line buttons to the right and fix

3. Tie the fishing line on the fixed bolt

4. Fix the fishing hook on the device

5. Put the line around the groove 2 times

6. Turn on the switch, let it turn around about 6 times(It depends on yourself)

7. Push the button to the other end

8. Pull the line hard and slowly and then remove the hook, complete.

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