RUNCL 2 Piece Spinning Rods (MECURY)

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  • RUNCL spinning rod (Jupiter&Mecury) is made from high-quality carbon fiber, which offers the ideal strength and flexibility needed for the best performance
  • The 2-piece spinning reel comes with stainless steel guides and inserts, provide increased corrosion protection, also protect fishing lines from snagging or damage
  • The spinning fishing rod features sturdy reel seat with double locking structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, and suitable for any standard spinning reel
  • Attached hook holder keeps any hook where it belongs for added convenience, never have to disassemble the reel and lures when changing the fishing spots
  • Ergonomically shaped cork handle makes the spinning rod easy to use, provides a superior grip and keeps your hands comfortable during a long fishing trip


  • Model Number:A1141171
  • Brand Name:RUNCL
  • Material:Carbon Fiber + Stainless Steel + Cork
  • Category:Fishing Rod
  • Hardness:Hard
  • Top Diameter:2.2mm
  • Power:Medium
  • Action:Medium Fast
  • Lure Weight:0.28-0.88 oz
  • Line Weight:5-15 lbs
  • Position:River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,Ocean Boat Fishing,Stream,Ocean Rock Fshing


Anti-winding Tip The tip of the spinning rod is designed to better prevent the fishing line from twisting. You will never struggle with the twisted fishing line again.

Hook Holder The attached hook holder keeps any hook where it belongs for added convenience. You will never have to disassemble the fishing reel and lures when you need to change the fishing spots frequently.

Stainless Steel GuidesStainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts prevent the fishing line from twisting, help protect lines from snagging or damage, offer fast heat dissipation, and are fully corrosion-resistant in saltwater. All of this adds up to a superior fishing experience, whether in freshwater or saltwater.

Ergonomic Design  Thanks to the ergonomically shaped cork handle, the spinning rod is ultra-comfortable to hold and use even in cold weather, which provides a superior grip, so your hands won’t get sore even on the longest of fishing trips.

Sturdy Reel Seat Sturdy reel seat with double locking structure is easy to assemble and disassemble, even kids can do it without any problem. And it’s suitable for any standard spinning reel.

1CM Reserved DesignThis is a special design only for MECURY, which offers a long lifespan and helps to tighten the 2-piece fishing rods even after long time usage.
2-Piece Design 
The 2-piece design makes it convenient for storage and transport. Even if you’re traveling light on your next fishing trip, you’ll easily be able to bring this rod along for the ride!

Net WeightJUPITER 5.9Ft/1.8M   | 5.36 oz
JUPITER 6.5Ft/1.98M | 5.86 oz
JUPITER 6.89Ft/2.1M | 6.53 oz

MECURY 5.9Ft/1.8M   | 4.69 oz
MECURY 6.5Ft/1.98M | 5.01 oz
MECURY 6.89Ft/2.1M | 5.82 oz