Spinning Fishing Reel vs Baitcasting Fishing Reel (Updated)

The fishing reel is one of the cores of the lure fishing tackle system, and it is also the mechanical device that best expresses human intelligence. There are 4 fishing reel types: spinning fishing reel, baitcasting reel, round reel, and fly fishing reel. These fishing reels have their own characteristics, and there are also great differences in design and use. Today, we will analyze the spinning fishing reel, baitcasting reel, and round reel from different angles, hoping to help fishermen.

Spinning Fishing Reel

The spinning fishing reel has the characteristics of simple operation and long casting distance. It is very popular with beginners and also widely used.

spinning fishing reel

The spool is the part that holds the fishing line. Generally speaking, the smaller the line length, the smaller the model and the smaller the reel volume. The most common reel sizes are listed in thousands, with sizes ranging from 1000 to 6000. The higher the number, the greater the storage capacity of the fishing line and, of course, the greater the volume of the spool. From the design point of view, the shape of the spool can be divided into ordinary type and wide and shallow type. In many cases, we recommend choosing the wide and shallow cup type, because the spinning fishing reel type has the advantage of fast thread take-up so that it is not easy to mess up the thread.

The outstanding advantages of the spinning fishing reel: simple operation, easy to use, even a beginner can cast a good distance with simple casting practice, the spool can be quickly replaced, the handle can be interchanged left and right, and the price is relatively cheap, durable, easy to clean and maintenance.

The application of the spinning fishing reel: Suitable for almost any fishing, especially for long-distance casting.

Baitcasting Reel

The baitcasting reel is one of the Lure lovers' favorite reels. It is thin and compact, with precise casting and a comfortable grip. The structure of the baitcasting reel is complex, so the price is generally higher.

baitcasting reel

Compared to a spinning fishing reel, the baitcasting reel has more abundant and diverse ways to control the baits, and the casting point is more accurate. Due to the structure of the baitcasting reel itself, its casting distance has a certain gap from the spinning reel. This is because the bait drags the fishing line and drives the spool to rotate, so it is usually only suitable for casting baits with a certain weight (generally more than 7 grams). In addition, the baitcasting reel also has a headache, that is, it is easy to fry the line and powder when casting, which requires the fishing skills of the fisherman.

The outstanding advantages of the baitcasting reel: easy operation with one hand, small size, comfortable hand feel, good at casting punctuation accurately, accurate control of the line speed during the casting process, strong braking force, and Easy to adjust.

Application of baitcasting reel: more suitable for the freshwater, especially for the fishery with a complex environment and precision casting.

Round Reel

The round reel is a time-honored reel, the original prototype of a beautifully shaped baitcasting reel. But because of its compact structure, good braking effect, sturdy and durability, and many storage lines, it is widely used.

 Round Reels have the following characteristics: 

  1. Usually equipped with double handles
  2. Outlet guide ring with left and right circular motion of guide rails
  3. Star-shaped braking force adjustment dial
  4. Pay-off switch suitable for one-hand operation
  5. Knob for adjusting the bearing
  6. Adjustable magnetic or centrifugal braking system. 

Like the baitcasting reel, the round reel is usually only suitable for casting bait of a certain weight (generally more than 7 grams), and only a few round reels have the ability to cast light objects. In addition, when casting a round reel, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of frying the line and powder, which requires relatively high operating skills of the fisherman.

The outstanding advantages of the round reel: Convenient one-hand operation, small size, rich line storage, good at casting punctuation marks accurately, accurately controlling the speed of the line during the casting process, and exerting the braking force large and easy to adjust.

Application of the round reel: suitable for freshwater and saltwater, especially for boat fishing.

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