Is a Baitcasting reel good for beginners?

Is a Baitcasting reel good for beginners?

baitcasting reel
When you’re new to fishing, which fishing reel will you choose? In general, the beginners will choose a spinning rod with a spinning reel, which because of easy to control and doesn't need more experience. However, the maneuverability and accuracy of the baitcasting reel are unmatched by the spinning reel.
So, is a baitcaster good for beginners? Baitcasting reel seems to be challenging to cast, and it is easy to comes straight off the spool. Need a little practice will be better. The spinning reel doesn't seem to explode, but it is more difficult to use the spinning reel well. What I'm talking about here is the accuracy of the casting. Only by playing the spinning reel frequently can the accuracy of the casting be controlled.
In order to understand what makes baitcasters difficult to use, first you need to get an idea of what is it and how it works?

What is a baitcasting reel?

It is mainly used for lure fishing. Compared with the spinning reel, the baitcasting reel has higher casting accuracy, smaller size, and easier control of the line. The disadvantage is that casting is not easy to master, and the line is easy to comes straight off the spool. Generally, professional fishermen use them in lure fishing.
It is mainly composed of the main body, spool, reel handle, brake, spool tensioner knob, star wheel, spool release button, reel seat, line guide; compared with the spinning reel, it will be lighter in weight. And it is divided into left hand reel and right hand reel, you can choose according to your own habits.

How baitcasting reel works?

Baitcasters consist of a rotating spool attached to the top of the fishing rod. The spool rotates at a high speed by turning the handle on the side of the reel, to release the line onto the reel. The line comes straight off the spool and enters the guides on your fishing rod.
The main problem with the rotating spool is that it can rotate faster than the speed of the lure. This leads to having an extra amount of line released from the spool, which is referred to as backlash.
For a beginner, it can take a lot of time and practice before you can effectively control the speed of spool rotation when casting. You will need to master the braking system of the reel and practice how to use your thumb to slow down the spool rotation during the casting.
It’s a steep learning curve, but the benefits of using a baitcaster will definitely be worth the effort.

How to choose the baitcasting reel?

So how do we choose the one that suits beginners? There are generally several indicators:
Spool Size
  • According to target fish and fishing environment. The larger the spool size, the better it is for targeting larger and stronger fish.
  • The larger the spool size, thecapacity of the line cup is larger
  • When we do not have a specific target fish species, it is recommended to start with a generalspool size reel

Braking system

  • The quality of the braking system determines the ease of use of the reel.

  • The brake systems on the market are divided into centrifugal brakes, magnetic brakes, and electronic brakes. Among them, electronic brakes have the highest stability, but the price is also the highest. Centrifugal brakes have the highest long-range performance, and the price will be higher than that of magnetic brakes.

Gear ratio

  • The speed ratio is the gear ratio of the inside large and small gears

  • In general, we set a 4:1 ratio is considered slow, 5:1 is average, and 6:1 or higher is fast. The higher the speed ratio, the longer the take-up length of the reel in one circle.

  • The choice of speed ratio needs to be selected according to our bait and fishing environment. When we use small hard lures, the low-speed ratio will be more suitable. When we are fishing in obstacles, we need to take up the line quickly, and the high-speed ratio is more suitable. Beginners will recommend about 7:1 speed ratio, the overall take-up speed is moderate, and the fault tolerance during operation is also higher.

 Left and right hand reel

  • The left hand Reel is using the left hand to control the reel handle, otherwise it is the right hand reel, we can choose according to our own habits. 

The Best Baticasting Reels for Beginners
 The first one is RUNCL Svallet
baitcasting reel
  • 10+1 Stainless Ballbearings, 7.3:1 Gear Ratio, so it is very fast
  • 10-Level Magnet Braking System
  • Affordable price
Another good one for beginners is RUNCL Heroism
baitcasting reel
  • Stable and faster 7.3:1 gear ratio

  • 12 levels magnetic braking system

  • Equiped with fish bite sound alarm system