How to choose spinning reel for bass fishing in 2022?

How to choose spinning reel for bass fishing in 2022?

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Bass fishing uses lures of various sizes. Spinning reel is often used, especially when using small lures or light rigs. Specifically, a small, light type that does not have a heavy weight is easy to use, and a product that can sufficiently wind thin threads is ideal.

So this time, we will introduce a recommended model for bass fishing. If you are considering purchasing one, or if you are thinking about changing the model of multiple tackles at once, please refer to it.

Then How to choose a spinning reel for bass fishing?

Choose by number

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Number is a word that describes the size of the reel. There are differences in price range and proportional performance depending on the series, but the size of the spinning reel is generally the same in terms of count, and the thickness of the thread that can be wound is also common.

Spinning reel for bass fishing are mainly 2000-3000. If you want thin line, especially if you want to use line under 3lb for smallmouth bass, 2000 is a good choice. On the other hand, if you want to use a thicker line, or if you want to cast a long distance and explore a wide range, 3000 is also an option.

You can read more details on its weight here:
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Select by gear ratio of spinning reelspinning reel

The gear ratio is the ratio of the amount of line wound per rotation of the handle. In the entire spinning reel, gear ratios around 5 to 6 are normal gears, lower ratios are low gears, and higher ratios are high gears. In addition, there is almost no notation of low gear for bass fishing, and if the model number is unmarked, it is a normal gear.

Models with a low gear ratio are characterized by a light winding comfort. The amount of thread wound per handle rotation is small, making it suitable for slow winding. However, since the sensitivity transmitted from the thread is somewhat dull, there is a concern that it will not be transmitted firmly to the hand.

On the other hand, the point is that the model with a high gear ratio has a large amount of thread per rotation of the handle. Not only can you collect the line, but you can also collect fish faster. It is also attractive that it has excellent sensitivity because you can see the movement of the lure and the topography change of the bottom well. However, keep in mind that it may be difficult to keep reeling in the lure.