The RUNCL Tilapia Swimbait with Spinneroffers unmatched attention to detail and a number of rigging options that will put it at the forefront of your swimbait arsenal. Included with two soft plastic tails, the RUNCL Tilapia Swimbait can be quickly modified to change its swimming action from a traditional gliding movement (flat tail) to a more pronounced thumping action (boot tail).

Out of the package, the RUNCL Tilapia Swimbait possesses a slow float, but can easily be altered with lead and tungsten strips to deliver the perfect amount of suspension and orientation. Offering two different rigging options, the RUNCL Tilapia Swimbait features a line-tie at the nose and underneath the chin, so anglers can get the desired angle-of-pull for their application.

Covered with an incredibly realistic 3D finish, the RUNCL Tilapia Swimbait features a seamless fin design, 3D eyes, subtle gill plate accents, and a perfectly sized profile, all of which work together to produce one of the most genuine bluegill imitation on the market. Truly a trophy hunter’s delight, the RUNCL Tilapia Swimbait blends detail, performance, and quality all-in-one must-have package. 


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