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【$0.99】RUNCL Multi Jointed Swimbaits

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【$0.99】RUNCL Multi Jointed Swimbaits

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RUNCL Multi Jointed Swimbaits, Glide Baits, Bass Fishing Lures - Lifelike Design, Multi-Jointed Body Construction, Loud Rattle, Razor-Sharp Hooks, Repeated Test - Segmented Swimbaits

About this item

  • Lifelike Design: Features 3D lifelike eyes, 3D gill plates, vivid tail, top-of-the-line paint schemes, and textured scale pattern finishes, convinces fish to strike and generates trophy caliber bites
  • Jointed Design: Built with multi-jointed body construction with flexible textile fabrics all over the joint sections, delivers an extraordinarily lifelike S-curve action at any speed from blazing fast to super slow, displaces plenty of water and calls hungry bass in from a distance
  • Loud Rattle: The swimbait possesses distinctive loud, flashy attention getters for improved noise, sounds like a dinner bell to big fish, tempt the most tight-lipped bass into biting
  • Rounded Bill: Fitted with a larger rounded bill, allows it to dive quickly into the strike zone and deflect off all types of heavy cover without snagging, triggers aggressive reaction bites
  • Razor-Sharp Hooks: Armed with two premium razor-sharp treble hooks, deliver superior hook setting performance, dramatically increase your hook up and landing ratio


【$0.99】RUNCL Multi Jointed Swimbaits
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