• Solid Structure: Built with a thick and rugged frame and fitted with two secure-locking latches (allows for one-handed operation), keep your valuable lures and terminal tackle safe and secure on-the-go, the tackle box is able to handle the rigors of tournament angling.
  • Easy Identification: Features translucent lid make it easy to quickly identify where each lure is located at a glance, help you be more organized and efficient, saving you valuable time during a tournament.
  • Separated Stowaways: Equipped with 6 small terminal tackle boxes (can be used on its own) with transparent lid for easy access, keep your terminal tackle from tangling and mixing into different compartments.
  • Fish Ruler: Comes with a ruler (10in/25cm in length) on the outer lid of the tackle box, makes it easy and convenient to measure the small-sized fish when your hands are tied or you forget to bring the fish ruler.
  • Standard Storage: With tray dimensions 11.45" L x 9.45" W x 2.15" H, the tackle box can easily be stored when you’re short on space, also fits into most standard size tackle bags. Great for kayak fishing or a last minute fishing getaway.


  • Brand Name: RUNCL
  • Category: Tackle Box
  • Type: Storage Box
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Length: 11.45"x9.45"x2.15"
  • Colors: Multi colors


Waterproof Seal: Features 360-degree waterproof dasket, which is made of natural silica gel, keeps moisture out and protects your tackle from the elements..

Secure-Locking Latches The heavy-duty secure-locking latches (allows for one-handed operation), keep your valuable lures and terminal tackle safe and secure on-the-go..

Sun ProtectionThe dark brown appearance keeps lures out of the sun, prevents the fading or oxidation of expensive lures, helps extend the lifespan of your tackle.

Multiple UsingKeeps your staff safe and secure on-the-go.


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