RUNCL Fishing Spinners, Minnow/Dressed Spinnerbaits

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  • Vivid Swimming Action: When the spinners are in motion, the blade spins create varying degrees of fish-attracting flash and vibration that mimics small fish, entice a larger catch
  • Sharp Treble Hook: The razor-sharp, copper-plated treble hook dramatically increases hook and hold capacity, ensures positive hook-ups
  • Strong Structure: Each spinner is constructed of a stainless steel shaft and chrome-plated main body, creates the easiest and quickest spinning action available, drives fish crazy and entices strikes
  • Proven Patterns: The fish-catching spinners feature proven patterns, better match the hatch or natural food sources for a wide variety of fishing situations, ideal for smallmouth and largemouth bass, trout, salmon and pike, especially for all types of game fish
  • Easy to Carry: This set comes with 18pcs spinners (10 dressed spinners, 6 spinners, 1 minnow spinner and 1 dressed minnow spinner), packed in a 4-layer carry pouch, make it easy to access and allow for easy transport and storage

Item specifics

  • Brand Name: RUNCL
  • Category: Lure
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Buoyancy: Diving Lure
  • Hooks: Mustad Treble Hooks
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Lure Length: 7.2cm/2.83in
  • Colors: 18 Different Colors
  • Object Fish: bass,panfish,pike,walleye,perch,musky,redfish,trout,striper,mackerel..
  • Position: River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,stream,Lake

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