Runcl 36pcs fly fishing flies

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  • Lifelike Patterns: All flies are hand-tied with a realistic looking abdomen section and a good hackle for a proper ride and flotation through heavy fast water. The highly realistic profile makes it sit on the water just like the natural, fool even the wariest trout
  • Great Assortment: The fly fishing kit includes proven patterns - Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Woolly Worm, Nymphs, Emergers, Streamers and more, selected from Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Nymphs, Emergers, Streamers, match any hatch at any time, work under a variety of conditions
  • Mustad Hooks: All fly fishing lures comes with razor-sharp Mustad hooks, dramatically increases hook and hold capacity, ensures positive hook-ups
  • Unique Color: The fishing flies feature unique coloration for enhanced visibility on the water, attract the target trout to bite
  • Waterproof Fly Box: The fly fishing flies are packed in a transparent compact tackle box, makes it convenient to access, allows for easy transport and storage, which is a must-have for every fly box


  • Brand Name: RUNCL
  • Category: Lure
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Buoyancy: Floating Lure
  • Hooks: Mustad Hooks
  • Shipping Weight: 2.7 ounces
  • Lure Box Length: 4.05x2.87in
  • Colors: 36pcs
  • Object Fish: bass,panfish,pike,walleye,perch,musky,redfish,trout,striper,mackerel..
  • Position: River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,stream,Lake


New And Innovative Patterns: Enable you to catch the fussiest and high-pressured fish. We offer a wide selection of new and innovative pattern flies. These flies are bound to enhance your fishing experience.

Available In Different Colors And Sizes: Our flies are available in different colors and sizes to match the different hatch of your choice for fly-fishing.

Different Locations:You can select any location from freshwater lake to a river stream for your fishing adventure; we have the flies you need.

Durabletied by professionals with only the finest of materials

Easy to CarryThe fishing tackle is equipped with a compact box, easily fits in your fishing seat box, fishing backpack and fishing vest's pocket, makes it convenient to carry.

An Essential Purchase36 nymph flies that cover all the essential bases for successful trout fishing