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【$0.99】RUNCL ProBite Flat Paddle Tail Swimbaits

【$0.99】RUNCL ProBite Flat Paddle Tail Swimbaits

Size :
Color :
Black Gold
Gold Shine
Violet Gold
Orange Candy
Blue Silver
Black Blue Glitter
Pumpkin Red
Green Pumpkin
Blue Shine
Smoked Pumpkin
Brown Shine
White Pearl
Pumpkin Gold
Midnight Black
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  • Lifelike Design: The soft jerk bait features streamlined baitfish profile with external etched gills and fin, lifelike eyes, a lively round tail, flawlessly imitates an actual fish, help anglers attract a bigger catch
  • Flat Paddle Tail: The swimbaits come with a flat round tail, helps flap and vibrate with a hard thump, entice fish to bite. It can also be tailored into split tail, thin tail, peacock tail and squirrel tail to meet different fishing situations
  • Weedless Design: The swimbaits are equipped with one hook slot on top and another hook slot in its belly for easier rigging and better hooksets, and helps bury the hook-point to not get snagged up by heavy cover
  • Colorful Glitter: Features different colors of glitter, flashes and shines to imitate the natural reflection of a panicked baitfish for better attracting fish and triggering more strikes
  • Proven Colors: Available in several tested and proven colors to help you match the forage in your local waters, ideal for any fishing conditions that needs an enhanced action


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