RUNCL Anchor Box - Lipless Crankbaits (Pack of 5)

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  • Effective Search Bait: The lipless crankbaits are a very effective search bait that gives you the ability to cover water quickly, such as rip it out of grass, stroke it off the bottom, burn it back to the boat and more, helps entice a larger catch
  • Full Swimming Layer Bait: The lipless crankbaits feature loud, flashy attention getters, which can be fished in a variety of situations from shallow to deep and everything in between. Therefore the vibe cranks are ideal for all kinds of fishes, especially for predators
  • Lifelike Design: The vibe cranks's tight wobble action, loud rattle and deep body profile, flawlessly replicates an actual fish, draws hungry fish in from great distances and triggers them to attack
  • Premium Coating: The lipless crankbaits are equipped with premium painted and plated finishes and durable Mustad treble hooks, provide superb resistance to corrosion, and assist to increase the lifecycle of the baits
  • Special Combination: The completely unique fishing tackle box in the marketplace includes 5 different fish-catching colors of vibe cranks (Blue/Silver Shad, Gold Shad, Diamond Shad, Black/Green Bleeding Shad, Blue/Red Craw) for most situations you are likely to encounter, perfect for bass, walleye, perch, crappie, pike, musky and trout fishing

Item specifics

  • Brand Name: RUNCL
  • Category: Lure
  • Model Number: A1206111-03
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Lure Weight: 17g/0.63oz
  • Lure Length: 71mm/2.79in
  • Lure Width: 25mm/0.98in
  • Depth: Full Swimming Layer
  • Buoyancy: Diving Lure
  • Hooks: Mustad Treble Hooks
  • Colors: 5 Different Colors
  • Quantity: 5 Pieces/set
  • Object Fish: Bass, panfish, pike, walleye, perch, musky, redfish, trout, striper, mackerel..
  • Position: River,Reservoir Pond,Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,stream,Lake

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