What Is Lure?

The lure itself is a sport, in the process of looking for fish traces, and tempts the fish, arousing the fish's desire to eat.

The Lure movement is popular abroad. It should be the China that enters formally in 2007, begin to prevail in our here till now. Lure sports itself requires special Lure poles, Lure wheels, Lure lines, Lure swimbait, and some convenient tools.

There is a lot of fish, they are to eat fish, shrimp, insects, and other small creatures. And we are manipulating a fake fish, shrimp, and insect to lure these fish to attack.

How to lure these fish, just rely on two methods: find the position of the fish, and let the fish find your bait.

When it comes to finding fish, this involves the Lure people's understanding of the fish's own habits. Somewhere the fish "needs" is where you should throw. Different species can be judged from the conditions of oxygen content, imbalance of water temperature, clarity, or not.

Let the fish find your fake bait, you need to build on the basis of having fish. That is, you must first find the fish roughly before you can let the fish take the initiative to find your bait. That is a temptation.

How to lure fish is a matter of tactics and bait.

Different techniques, different baits, and different equipment combinations can all achieve unexpected results.

For example, Bass, in the case of low activity and sufficient oxygen content, soft bait is generally preferred. The perch will feel the vibration of the soft bug itself and come to observe. Use the flexibility of the soft worm to lure the fish's aggressiveness to the fake bait. Generally, adopt Wacky bottom jump tactics.

However, don't be superstitious about any fake bait. The same fish, different times, different situations, and different baits can all get good results.

Based on the above, we can know that we need to constantly find fish and understand fish. Constantly throwing and trying.

And Lure itself is not a movement for the purpose of catching fish, the essence of Lure is still in the movement itself.

This is a tug of war between mental and physical strength.

Based on the understanding of the fish, the understanding of the fishing spot itself. Different ideas determine different catch rates. However, we can all get healthy exercise.

The above information is provided by bait shops.